How can Pyxos help engineering teams?

Pyxos, with its AI-powered Chief Compliance Officer, is designed to simplify and streamline compliance efforts for engineering teams. With our initial launch in November 2023, Pyxos will offer the following benefits:

Open-Ended AI Q&A: Engineering teams can use our AI-driven chat interface to seek answers to complex privacy compliance questions related to GDPR and CCPA. This will help teams understand the implications of their design decisions and stay informed about evolving regulations.

Guided Compliance Perspectives: Our multi-agent system allows engineering teams to view compliance issues from different perspectives, including those of a Compliance Officer, Product & Engineering Manager, Data Governance Office, and a Regulatory Enforcement Officer. This ensures a well-rounded understanding of compliance requirements, fostering more informed decision-making.

Insight into Trending Privacy Compliance Topics: Our system keeps engineering teams updated on trending compliance topics driven by real-time user queries. This insight can guide teams on the most pertinent areas to focus on, keeping their development efforts in tune with the latest privacy challenges.

Beyond November 2023, Pyxos is working on further enhancing its capabilities to better support engineering teams. Future iterations of Pyxos will integrate with a company’s unique data stack to operationalize compliance, providing automated policy analysis, data usage evaluation, and advanced generative AI functionality. We also aim to offer automated deletion across first and third-party systems, thereby reducing the manual effort involved in managing deletion requests.

Please note that these future capabilities are part of our long-term vision and are not included in the November 2023 launch. We are committed to driving innovation while ensuring privacy compliance and look forward to supporting engineering teams in their journey.